Life Groups


In-Person Worship @ 9 AM | Online Worship @ 10 AM | Fully Vaxxed In-Person Worship @ 11 AM


One of the signature ministries of UMCPS in the last few years has been Life Groups - gatherings of friends (and especially new friends) to develop community and a sense of solidarity on life's journey.  Life Groups are not studies.  They are more about sharing bits of our lives with one another.  So many people come to Palm Springs and to UMCPS looking for a greater connection and sense of neighborhood.  Life Groups help new folks to find a sense of spiritual neighborhood - and they help those of us who have been around a while discover the new friends who are helping to make our church and community such a distinctive and special place.

This fall there will be four groups offered, starting the last week of September. This round of Life Groups will run for eight weeks, or until the week before Thanksgiving. Each group gathering will last approximately 90 minutes. One of the groups will be entirely online, making it possible for part-time Valley residents to attend, even if they are still out of town when the group starts up!

Group times/dates are listed below. Please use the link provided under each time/date to sign-up:

6:00 PM Monday (online via Zoom), starting September 27, Patty Slough, facilitator
Life Group - 6:00 PM Monday 

6:00 PM Tuesday (in person at the church), starting September 28, Kent Jackson, facilitator
Life Group - 6:00 PM Tuesday

7:00 PM Thursday (in person at facilitators' home), starting September 30, Randy Fullerton and Chuck Rice, facilitators
Life Group - 7:00 PM Thursday

We encourage everyone who are not yet vaccinated or who are concerned about their personal safety to choose an online option.  If the Riverside Country COVID rate worsens this fall, all groups may go online.