"Party Starters" Retreat


Online Worship @ 10 am | Outdoor worship postponed until 2021


You’re invited to a virtual retreat on Saturday, February 20th from 10 am – 1 pm on Zoom. This is a free event open to all!

We believe that the Kingdom of God is here and now, but the current state of events in the world can make it challenging to recognize and live in to that Kingdom of peace and love today.

Join in this Kingdom of God ‘Party Starters’ Retreat to look at some of the “party parables” of Jesus in an in-depth and experiential way. We will actually engage and EXPERIENCE the parable of the rich young man who refuses to join the party, the parable of the great where none of the expected guests arrive, and the party feast for the prodigal son who once was lost but now is found.

Come get the party started in a fun and unique way; let’s experience the parables together over Zoom! To register please fill out this form: