Outdoor worship in the UMCPS Garden @ 9 | Online Worship @ 10 am

Small group, Book, & bible studies

While we are still not meeting physically, we are still able to gather together through Zoom to dive into the Bible and explore other forms of literature. Anyone is welcome to join. What can we learn about God during this time? What themes from the Bible speak to our heart? Let's explore together!

Wednesday Bible Study

You can join the Zoom Bible study Wednesday at 3 pm- 

Even though the Bible appears to be a baldly patriarchial document, it's the women in the story who always drive the action. Let’s explore what scripture is trying to teach us about women, power, and the upside-down nature of God’s realm. 

  • Currently we are working through a video series on "The Hero's Journey"
  • New Bible Study Series beginning every few weeks!
  • Email with questions