Sunday- 10 AM

All Aboard the Steward-Ship!

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The 2019 Annual Financial Giving Campaign is about to begin, and it’s the first and most foundational aspect of the journey. Your monetary gift makes this excellent Christian voyage possible for all- those who are currently part of our entourage as well as those whom we will touch and bring on board as we go. Your generosity will enhance your own onboard experience, too, more than you know.

One of the seven expectations we have for ourselves as Christian disciples is to "move towards tithing." In the Bible, tithing means offering 10% of the harvest back to God, and today we are being asked to move towards that kind of tithing. This means we look at the percentage of our harvest we currently give as a regular offering to God through the church, and up it to a new level, one that prayerfully feels right.

I would like this to be your ticket onto the Steward-Ship this year...your commitment to move towards tithing. That’s going to be my ticket. Won’t you join me?

Rev. Jane Voigts

Sign Up for Scheduled Giving

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